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Entering the Future of Business with Data-Driven Analytics.

In today’s technological landscape, cloud computing stands as a paramount area of investment for businesses across diverse industries. However, extracting tangible benefits from cloud transformation proves to be a daunting task for many enterprises.
Zestlogics presents SMARTCloud, a distinctive strategy tailored to offer businesses a comprehensive and high-value cloud consulting and delivery platform. SMARTCloud is meticulously crafted as an adaptable suite of solutions, fostering continuous modernization, heightened agility, and enhanced operational efficiency for enterprises.

We created excellent and sustainable technology solutions based on IT domain expertise.

SMARTCloud Service Offerings:

Within the dynamic realm of cloud computing, SMARTCloud stands as a beacon of innovation, sustainability, adaptability, and transformation. In this ever-evolving landscape, SMARTCloud introduces a range of solutions known as SMARTWays. These SMARTWays are meticulously designed to empower businesses, propelling them towards innovation and hastening their transformation journey. They serve to:

  • Automate essential systems to foster business growth.

  • Modernize applications, providing a competitive edge in the market.

  • Establish seamless connections between enterprises and the global network through 5G and Edge technologies.

  • Uncover valuable insights within enterprise data by harnessing the power of AI/ML, driving informed decision-making.

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Have experience working with the latest technologies on the most challenging.

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What We’re Offering

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We offers a full-cycle software development services that meet varied business requirements to help improve business performance of enterprises.


From Insights to Experience, Transform with Data and Analytics

Strategy & Advisory

Strategy & Advisory

Optimize processes, monetize data and redefine experiences. Craft your unique digital vision with our human-centric design and data-first strategy.

Modernize Data

Modernize Data

Automate the transformation of data estate to next-gen cloud-based solutions, enabling advanced data management and operational efficiency.

Simplify Insights

Simplify Insights

Infuse analytics into business intelligence, enabling collaborative decision-making,storytelling through data, & Streamlined migration & rationalization processes.

Scale AI

Scale AI

Build and refine AI/ML platforms for organizations, providing trusted intelligence, maximizing adoption, and ensuring responsible AI practices.

Service Offerings

Adaptive Consulting

Defines and documents a business and IT strategy to optimize cloud that will serve the business today and into the future.

Data and Analytics

Provides a suite of services to modernize how businesses manage, secure and analyze data to discover business-impacting insights.

Application Modernization

Provides a suite of services focused on the transformation of enterprise applications located anywhere using standardized and automated processes.

Dynamic Cybersecurity

Provides a comprehensive approach to securing enterprise resources to protect the business, its intellectual property and the privacy of employees, patients and customers.

Connected Cloud

Focuses on the services required to plan, design, implement and operate computing resources, moving closer to end users and enterprise endpoints.

Managed Cloud

Enables organizations to support cloud adoption with managed services best practices

SMARTCloud Industry Cloud:

At Zestlogics, SMARTCloud Industry Cloud stands as a robust framework, meticulously crafted to recognize, assess, and define avenues for continual modernization within your enterprise. Reactive measures to shifting priorities often lead to technical debt, impacting your budget for future transformative initiatives. SMARTCloud Industry Cloud solutions, designed to be agile, evolve harmoniously with changing business needs. Zestlogics industry experts collaborate closely with you, pinpointing influential business outcomes.
We offer a comprehensive suite, including SMARTWays, Zestlogics engineering and intellectual property, Industrialised services, and the expertise of our global network of cloud providers.
SMARTCloud Industry Cloud acts as the driving force behind transformative change and innovation within your organization.