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Embedded Engineering
Navigate the world of innovation with our expertise in embedded engineering, crafting solutions that seamlessly integrate intelligence into devices for a connected future.


  • In today’s dynamic business landscape, organizations across sectors face constant challenges due to rising consumer expectations, smarter products, and shorter product life cycles. To navigate this complexity amidst emerging technology trends, the key to success lies in accelerating both time to market and time to profit. Businesses require a strategic partner capable of providing a competitive edge by leveraging innovative opportunities and optimizing product development operations for a resilient core.
  • With a proven track record of facilitating over a thousand successful product launches across various domains, we at Zestlogics offer the essential engineering expertise. We specialize in innovating, designing, building, testing, upgrading, and scaling complex next-generation products and systems. Zestlogics collaborates closely with clients, enhancing their Product Engineering endeavors by embracing cutting-edge digital technologies, offering scalable competencies and talent, and integrating best practices from diverse industries.
  • Our comprehensive Product Engineering services encompass a wide spectrum, spanning Software, Mechanical, Hardware, and VLSI design to industrial design, product benchmarking, and value engineering. Beyond aiding clients in New Product Development Initiatives (NPDI), we assist in re-engineering existing products to align them with market demands in terms of cost, features, and performance.
  • With a robust portfolio of services, innovative solutions, 80+ dedicated Innovation labs, a diverse talent pool, industrialized delivery methods, and a technology-driven approach, we empower our clients to realize value at every stage of product design and development. Our goal is to help businesses maximize their Return on Innovation, ensuring sustainable growth and competitive advantage in the ever-evolving market landscape.
We created excellent and sustainable technology solutions based on IT domain expertise.

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Expert of Your Software Programming

Have experience working with the latest technologies on the most challenging.

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What We’re Offering

Why you Should Choose Our Services

We offers a full-cycle software development services that meet varied business requirements to help improve business performance of enterprises.


From Insights to Experience, Transform with Data and Analytics

Strategy & Advisory

Strategy & Advisory

Optimize processes, monetize data and redefine experiences. Craft your unique digital vision with our human-centric design and data-first strategy.

Modernize Data

Modernize Data

Automate the transformation of data estate to next-gen cloud-based solutions, enabling advanced data management and operational efficiency.

Simplify Insights

Simplify Insights

Infuse analytics into business intelligence, enabling collaborative decision-making,storytelling through data, & Streamlined migration & rationalization processes.

Scale AI

Scale AI

Build and refine AI/ML platforms for organizations, providing trusted intelligence, maximizing adoption, and ensuring responsible AI practices.


VLSI Design

Leverage turnkey solutions for Silicon design covering digital, analog and Mixed Signal Silicon for domain-centric applications.

Embedded engineering

Work with our leading experts in developing embedded software and systems for various industries across domains.

Product lifecycle management (PLM)

Empower your digital enterprise of the future to develop best-in-class PLM strategies through consulting, implementation, customization and migration services

Systems & hardware engineering

Get end-to-end product development solutions for complex concept-to-product scenarios with a focus on seamless integration of product design and manufacturing.Read

Software product engineering

Partner with global enterprises to enable accelerated and scaled software product engineering by leveraging our investments in Ips and offering innovative engagement models.

Cognitive product support

Transform support services with a combination of analytics, data mining, machine learning and a best-in-class process benchmarking approach.

Mechanical engineering

This is your one-stop product engineering solutions provider for product design and development of mechanical systems with end-to-end capabilities throughout the product development lifecycle.

Verification & validation

Leverage an in-house lab infrastructure and technology advancements to deliver quality-centric verification and validation services to improve time to market.