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Operational Technologies
Elevate efficiency and resilience through the convergence of IT and operational technologies, optimizing industrial processes for a smarter, connected world.


  • “Recent disruptions in the manufacturing sector, such as production halts, supply chain issues, and global delivery restrictions, have compelled enterprises to reevaluate their manufacturing strategies. Companies are now prioritizing manufacturing resilience, shifting from mere efficiency to agility, enabling them to swiftly adapt to changing customer needs and revamped supply chains. The key to success lies in digital enablement, integrating real-time data and production processes through technology, creating a digital thread that connects internal operations with the extended ecosystem.
  • Traditionally, manufacturing enterprises relied on automation systems like SCADA and HMI within their factory walls to monitor and control operations. Although vast amounts of data were collected, unlocking its business potential was challenging due to scattered silos of processes and data.
  • In the era of manufacturing digital transformation, machines and shop-floor devices are equipped with sensors and actuators, enabling communication over networks using standard protocols. Cloud computing, coupled with advancements in artificial intelligence, robotics, augmented reality, and analytics, presents a significant opportunity for cyber-physical systems to enhance productivity in both production processes and the supply chain.
  • Zestlogics’ Operational Technology services are tailored to meet industry needs, ranging from translating design concepts from the virtual realm to the manufacturing floor, simulating and optimizing complex manufacturing processes, adopting concurrent engineering to reduce time, and enhancing flexibility to manage variations and volume, ultimately boosting productivity.”
We created excellent and sustainable technology solutions based on IT domain expertise.

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Have experience working with the latest technologies on the most challenging.

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We offers a full-cycle software development services that meet varied business requirements to help improve business performance of enterprises.


From Insights to Experience, Transform with Data and Analytics

Strategy & Advisory

Strategy & Advisory

Optimize processes, monetize data and redefine experiences. Craft your unique digital vision with our human-centric design and data-first strategy.

Modernize Data

Modernize Data

Automate the transformation of data estate to next-gen cloud-based solutions, enabling advanced data management and operational efficiency.

Simplify Insights

Simplify Insights

Infuse analytics into business intelligence, enabling collaborative decision-making,storytelling through data, & Streamlined migration & rationalization processes.

Scale AI

Scale AI

Build and refine AI/ML platforms for organizations, providing trusted intelligence, maximizing adoption, and ensuring responsible AI practices.


Manufacturing Operations Management(MOM)

Complete Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solutions encompass customized application development, consultation for product selection, worldwide implementation, and ongoing support services.

Zestlogic’s Manufacturing IoT

Assists in optimizing business processes, enhancing productivity, and increasing return on investment.

Industrial IoT with MindSphere

Leverage the capabilities of data to enhance operational efficiency, improve flexibility, and introduce innovative business services through Zestlogic’s proficiency in MindSphere Applications and Ecosystem.“

Plant Cybersecurity

Receive a security evaluation, strategy development, implementation, and operational support.

Digital Twin

Receive assistance in defining strategies, implementing, and managing operations for digital twin plants and assets.

Intelligent Plant Design and Engineering

Services throughout the plant development process include process planning, tool design, robotics, and plant layout.