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AIML Development EVK Kit With LTE


The objective of the LTE AIML EVK Kit is to help developers to study, explore, design and develop the edge ML enabled IoT devices and sensors leading to ubiquitous computing that offers an inclusive, sustainable, and caring ambiance for living and Industrial world of advancement.

The objective of AIML EVK Kit is to create a new IoT product development experience for developers, researchers, product design engineers and students and provided them with hands-on experience with sensors such that they can carry-out experiments on AIML based IoT use cases.

The developers can write embedded C based application to collect data from these sensors via peripheral interface drivers of I2C/ UART/ SPI/ ADC/ DAC interfaces. They can build the Tiny ML models and load the same into AIML EVK Kit to run the model on the audio or time-series sensor data for advanced ML classifications of various target applications. The developers can push the ML classification outcomes to cloud server via HTTP/ MQTT/ TCP data protocols.

  • Human Alert Sound Sensor for Audible Alarm, Glass Breaking & Loud Bangs
  • Industrial Machine Vibration / Noise Detection
  • Industrial Alarm Events Detection
  • Human Voice
  • Commands Detection
  • Pest Sound Detection
  • Traffic Noise Analysis
  • Health Care for Panic Screams, Heart Beats, SPO2
  • Car crash detection sensor for auto SOS to cloud
  • Smart Buildings to adjust set points of HVAC units, Air handling units and Thermostats.
  • Time series data from CAN bus in Automotive